University of Alaska Anchorage


I graduated from the University of Alaska Anchorage and never left. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Public Communications. Less than a week before graduation, I accepted the social media specialist position in University Advancement.

As the social media specialist for the university, I manage the institution’s social media accounts, build strategies for campaigns and try to guide social media managers whose expertise aren’t necessarily in social media. Basically, I try to make social media easier for everyone.

As a student, I was featured in the journalism department’s annual showcase twice. I was also an Elaine B. Atwood journalism scholar.

Anchorage Founders Project

This multimedia series on first-generation American entrepreneurs was my senior project. I built a data-driven website for the project and a very lonely YouTube channel. I want to resurrect this project at some point. If you live in Anchorage and know a business owner with a good story, feel free to let me know.

Wild Scoops profile video

I interviewed Elisa Brown, co-owner of Wild Scoops, about her foray into ice cream. This video predates the Wild Scoops scoop shop off of 4th Avenue and E St. in downtown Anchorage, and it was shot at their smaller test kitchen during one of their public tastings.

True North Magazine

True North is a magazine sponsored by the UAA Journalism & Public Communications. I worked with a team and helped with editorial, branding (logo, typefaces, color palette), print/web design, content management and social media. Showcased here are the layouts I created or edited. I also designed the cover and co-wrote A Welcoming Anchorage with Mizelle Mayo, who wrote the “Immersion and Inclusion” portion of the story.

The Spenardian

I contribute to the first issue of The Spenardian, a magazine centered on the Anchorage neighborhood of Spenard. The magazine is run by Samantha Davenport and Victoria Petersen, who you might know as award-winning journalists/boss ladies in the Anchorage journalism scene.

UAAgency #sqUAAd

UAAgency was a made-up public relations firm for Dr. Joy Chavez Mapaye’s media literacy class. We were asked to come up with a campaign to raise our university’s enrollment rates. Our group came up with #sqUAAd – a hashtag pushing the idea of campus community a.k.a. our “squad.”

Challenges included building a feasible campaign that didn’t cost much but was engaging enough for people to participate. Although this campaign wasn’t real, we did create a pretty impressive presentation and we presented it last so it was probably the most memorable one. I’m just saying.