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UAA professor Herminia Din uses art to teach students about ocean plastic pollution

UAA art professor Herminia Din uses art to teach children and college students about the harmful effects of trash pollution on the environment. Through the INNOVATE program, she's working on a new pop-up book for elementary students. 

Originally posted on Facebook for UAAnchorage, original story by Catalina Myers

Photos courtesy UAA University Relations

Social Micro-profile

As part of a women’s studies project, I created a micro-profile on Leslee Udwin. Udwin is a British actress, filmmaker and human rights activist. In recent years, she is best known for her documentary India’s Daughter.

Disclaimer: The images in this profile are for educational purposes only and do not intend to infringe or modify the original work.

Social Media Advertising


This short explainer video for UAA’s SeawolfTracks app was published on Facebook and Instagram.

The video was created using Adobe Premiere Pro, with graphics created in Photoshop.

Photos courtesy UAA University Relations